The Sound Shell. Photo ​by Warren Purnell

Donate by Direct Deposit

Should you wish to pay by Direct Deposit (Funds Transfer) please find below the Four Winds account details that you will need to supply to your bank:

Bank: Horizon Credit Union
BSB: 802 124
Account name: Four Winds Public Account Fund
Account number: 93600

When you make your deposit please provide your surname as a reference.

Please advise Four Winds of your donation by Direct Deposit by sending an email to and include your full name, your address and ‘phone number, the amount of the donation and whether it is an amount that you are giving annually or as a one-off payment. Please also advise how your donation should be acknowledged on our website.

Donate by Cheque

If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque:

  1. Please make it payable to "Four Winds Public Account Fund"
  2. Please provide a short note advising us of your name, address & contact numbers
  3. Let us know if you would like the donation to be anonymous, or how you would like the donation acknowledged; and
  4. Post it to Four Winds, PO BOX 73, Bermagui NSW 2546.

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