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Damian Barbeler, composer of Four Winds Festival 2012 commissioned work “Bright Birds" in conversation with Margaret Throsby with the performing musicians (on RHS) Sonia Lifschitz and Stephen Emerson, Commissioned by: Cliff Wallis & Sayaka Mihara, Photographer: Robert Tacheci

The Commissioner’s Fund has been in existence over a number of years and enables Four Winds to commission new work from emerging, mid-career and established composers.

The process of writing, rehearsing, and performing a completely new work is an intense creative task. Through the generous support of a number of patrons Four Winds has built a reputation for commissioning new work and showcasing the talents of Australian composers.

Damian Barbeler is an award-winning composer and his work has been performed and broadcast around the world, sung and played by leading Australian and international soloists and ensembles. In 2012 he was commissioned to write a new work for the Four Winds Festival and responded with a composition for two pianos inspired by the call of the Grey Fantail. He has transformed the birdsong that he heard and recorded into a piece that captures his experience of the local environment. All this was made possible through the generosity of locals Cliff Wallis and Sayaka Mihara who not only commissioned Damien but also hosted him and the two pianists during the rehearsal period.

Through the process of commissioning you can help to create a legacy of music for the future.

There are many and varied reasons for people to commission music: to commemorate an anniversary or special birthday, to honour a much-loved and sadly missed family member or friend, or to support a composer.

But, whatever the reason, the commissioning process is an exciting one to be involved in, whether as an individual or as a group of friends who form a club to support new music. The commissioner is a part of the process. They watch as ideas unfold from the fledgling to the fully formed and proudly participate in the world premiere performance of the work that, with their support, the composer and the performers bring to life.

To find out more about becoming a Four Winds Commissioner and to discuss your support please contact:

Sheena Boughen – Chair
0418 656 916

Sian Morgan Hall – Board Member
0423 588 958


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