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March 2012


Genevieve Lacey awarded Australia Council Fellowship

26th March, 2012
Genevieve has been awarded a two-year Australia Council Fellowship to collaborate to create new works, opportunities and audiences for the recorder.

“Over the last 12 years, I've created an international career based in Australia. Prior to this, my instrument, the recorder, was one that few people in this country took seriously. Creating and sustaining a life as a freelance musician is a huge undertaking – exhilarating, precarious, consuming.

Genevieve Lacey
Genevieve plays in the newly completed Four Winds Sound Shell

“I am keen to take time to research, experiment, learn new skills, deepen existing artistic relationships, and make new ones. I plan to collaborate with a series of artists to create new works, opportunities and audiences for my instrument, the recorder. The selection of projects I propose reflects my broad interests, and my passionate belief that as contemporary musicians, we need to place our work in many different contexts.

“Four of the projects involve collaborations with composers. The other two see me devising my own work: one for the digital realm, the second as a performance piece. My collaborators come from multiple generations, genres and artforms. In my proposed portfolio, the projects play to my strengths, but also allow room for growth and experimentation.

“My collaborators are Paul Kelly, James Ledger, Scott Rankin, Sophie Raymond, Brett Dean, John Rodgers, Andrew Ford and Damian Barbeler.”

— Genevieve Lacey


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