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July, 2011


Rachel Botsman Podcast Now Available

We are proud to announce another online episode on the Four Winds Interviews channel available from our website in the Media section (home » media » podcasts). In this episode we feature Rachel Botsman's presentation at the Bermagui Community Centre on Saturday, 14th May, 2011. Rachel's talk was the first in a new series called
Brain Food

rachel botsman in bermagui presented by Four Winds

Here's what journalist & broadcaster Caroline Baum had to say:

I'll admit I was nervous and wondered whether the Narooma Oyster festival or the cold might keep people away. But at the last moment, people turned up. Lots of people. Rugged up, ugg booted, curious to see what Brain Food was all about. What a relief. We had to put out more chairs!!

I'd seen Rachel Botsman in action a year ago and thought to myself 'This is someone with a really important, positive, feel-good message that everyone in the community can adapt to their needs.

She's a dynamic social entrepreneur and a very polished advocate for a whole new mindset about peer to peer commerce and exchange. Her examples of clever new initiatives span the globe, and illustrate the viral enthusiasm of brilliant schemes and ideas big and small, from Landshare to The Good Gym to Airbnb (Google any one of those to improve your day just that little bit).

Her presentation in Bermagui made the room fizz and buzz. You could feel the audience humming with curiosity, like bees who'd just discovered a very tasty new type of pollen.

A heavily pregnant Rachel arrived the day before, settled into the Bimbimbi guest house, and went out to the Four Winds site with Chair Sheena Boughen to get a feel for the place. It all helped her to take a sounding of the community and pitch her talk exactly right.

You can read a recent article from the UK's Guardian newspaper about Rachel here:

There were lots of questions and people lingered to talk to Rachel and to each other about new ways they might use the Internet to connect people with resources. I think my favourite line of Rachel's for the evening, which made the most lasting and resonant impression, was 'you have to get on the net to get off the net' meaning that it's simply a tool for what is essentially still a very human connection. The Internet is just the broker for new relationships, like a virtual matchmaker.

The implications of her thinking and research are profound and impact on how we grow our food and other aspects of sustainability, how we go on holiday, do errands for neighbours, make a bit of money out of things we no longer need and travel to and from music festivals like Four Winds as well as how cultural events are financed (the new trend of crowd-funding was of particular interest to the creatives in the audience).

— Caroline Baum

As the inaugural speaker in the Brain Food series, Rachel set the bar very high and is a tough act to follow. But we're not resting on our laurels, already thinking of the next event, planned for later in the year, probably in November to coincide with the launch of the festival program. Keep checking the website for more details.

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