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August, 2010


Four Winds Appoints New General Manager

The Four Winds has appointed a former Bermagui resident as its first General Manager to work with the community to develop cultural activities in the region.

natalya tacheci and genevieve lacey; new gm and the artistic director
natalya tacheci & genevieve lacey

Natalya Tacheci, who has a double degree in music and commerce from the ANU, and recently worked in Nepal, was appointed ahead of a large field of high level candidates from interstate and overseas and will be moving back to take up the two year position.

Natalya, 25 grew up in Bermagui and has volunteered at many previous Four Winds, most recently in charge of artist care, and is herself a singer.

Chair of the Four Winds, Sheena Boughen, said that the recent Australia Council Creative Community Partnership grant had enabled Four Winds to create a position in the arts locally, which would be supported by the existing business manager.

“Those who applied for the job were highly attracted by an area with our ambitions and wanted to belong to a community where there is a strong belief in the arts.”

“Four Winds will base its office in the community centre at Bermagui so that we will be accessible to the local community, and together create some wonderful events which will lead us up to the Festival at Easter 2012.”

“Natalya will be responsible for bringing it all together, and we are very excited as an organisation to be able to employ her for four days a week, starting at the beginning of September 2010.”

“She has exceptional organizational and people skills, as well as an in depth knowledge of arts administration, and we think will bring a young personsʼ perspective to the Festival activities.”

Natalya said “We have so much to be proud of in this region, and being able to present ourselves through the arts enhances the voice of our whole community. I canʼt wait to hear what we will say!”

Natalya attended the arts networking lunch in August and gave the arts community attending a briefing on how Four Winds will be using this grant to promote cultural activity within the region. During the next few months she will be meeting local artists and representatives of local organisations and local government.

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