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Last Minute Ticket Pre- Purchases

Don't Wait At The Gate! You can still enjoy fast, express lane entry on festival day by pre—purchasing your tickets. Whilst Online Ticket Sales are now no longer available (due to ticket posting delays) you can still pre—purchase festival tickets in person at The Pineapple House, Wallaga Street Bermagui (opposite the Post Office). You will of course still be able to buy tickets at the gate on the day (space allowing).

March, 2010

In this issue our news editor, Terry Irwin

  • Gives festival—goers handy tips more»
  • Provides insight into the art of gelato—making more»
  • Lets us in on a Festival 2010 secret more»
  • And writes his usual round up of bits, pieces and hints to enable you to maximise your enjoyment at the Festival. more»

Terry's top hints to maximise your enjoyment of this years Festival

low-backed chair
  1. Obviously, go to our web site and re-read the past newsletters. OK so only my mother would do that. But seriously, spend five minutes browsing, and I promise you will learn something interesting or garner that bit of background that will add to your Festival enjoyment.
  2. If you have not purchased your ticket and ordered your lunch do so before Internet/ Online sales close on the 24th of March. Of course you can still buy your entry ticket from the Pineapple House in Bermagui or at the gate, but you will have missed out on pre-ordering your lunch. This will force you to queue with all those common people at lunch time.
  3. Bring a low—backed chair similar to that shown in the picture (less than 50cm high). This way you can sit anywhere in the amphitheatre. If you bring a large chair you will have to sit off to the sides. Maybe just bring a blanket.
  4. If you have not purchased your ticket to Eavesdropping, with Margaret Throsby or the Fiesta on Friday, give yourself an uppercut because those events are sold out. Make a note to get your act together earlier next Festival.
  5. To avoid further self-inflicted damage, buy your tickets to the Feast while they are still available. Not many are left. Even better, the Feast party starts at 5:45PM on Saturday evening, so you do not even have to go home after the end of proceedings. By the by I was treated to a sample of the food that will be served at the Feast recently, and I must say that it is the best offering ever. I was greatly impressed.
  6. Don't forget to come along to the FREE concert on Friday afternoon at 4PM. The concert is on Dickinson Oval inBermagui. It is much more than just a taster of what is to come over the next two days. This event comes with my personal guarantee.

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Ruby Hunter
Ruby Hunter

Sad News

We've recently heard the tragic news of the loss of a treasured Australian musician, Ruby Hunter. The acclaimed Ngarrindjeri, Pitjantjarra, Kookatha singer and songwriter, aged 54, passed away suddenly at home in south west Victoria in the arms of her lifelong partner, Archie Roach, surrounded by family.

Four Winds will be the poorer without Aunty Ruby. Her spirit and influence will continue to be felt by musicians of many generations and backgrounds. A special Lady who deserved to be known more widely.



Genevieve Pippi Longstocking Lacey?

Pippi Longstocking postage stamp
Pippi Longstocking postage stamp

Our artistic director, Genevieve Lacey has been very busy. Maybe you saw the article in the Weekend Australian a couple of weeks ago? She is referred to as an enchantress and a convivial Pippi Longstocking with an enormous grin… She is formidably driven and intelligent, but also disarmingly nice.

Now I must admit to never having read Pipi Longstocking, so I checked with Wikipedia and found: Nine-year-old Pippi is unconventional, assertive, and has superhuman strength, being able to lift her horse one-handed without difficulty. She frequently mocks and dupes adults she encounters… however, Pippi usually reserves her worst behavior for the most pompous and condescending of adults…

Hmmmm… I suspect this might explain Genevieve's treatment of me. Read the delightful article at

Genevieve found time between professional engagements and Festival planning to send the following brief note:

It's less than a month until we all meet at Four Winds!

Composers have finished their scores and musicians are rehearsing across the country. Soon they'll be making their journeys to Bermagui, from Europe, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Tamworth, Bega, Canberra, Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Musically, you're in for an incredibly diverse weekend, with everything from Gregorian chant to flamenco, via contemporary Australian jazz, heartland classical music, renaissance treasures, cult 60s film scores, and indigenous Australian songs in language.

Instruments travelling to Bermagui will include a Ron Overs piano, a concert harp, drum kit, viola da gamba, string quartet, guitar, more percussion instruments than you can imagine and I can name, and maybe even a few recorders!

— Genevieve Lacey

See the very last item in the newsletter for a some news that is still secret.

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Gelato, Bermagui, and a Passion for Four Winds

the Bermagui Gelati Clinic Logo
the Bermagui Gelati Clinic Logo

What a life expanding experience it is to write this newsletter. Already in past issues we have helped our readers come to understand important issues such as the viol de gamba and spaghetti westerns. Why not an aspect of the culinary arts?

Did you know there is a Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. Evidently in 2008 the Uni put through more than 6,000 people from all over the world. My high school guidance person sure did not mention this opportunity when suggesting University options for me.

Evidently producing gelato is a matter of mixing cream and milk with the sugar from various fruits and chocolate. It is a bit of an art as the fat from the milk and cream hardens as it freezes while the sugars do the exact opposite. And if you want to make a lovely smooth gelato, you need tiny ice crystals- the size of a micron so that your tongue only experiences that smooth creamy sensation.

For this Easter, you can prove to yourself that Francesca and Albert from the Bermagui Gelato Clinic should be considered Professors Emeritus (or should that Emeriti) of any Gelato Uni in the world. The Bermagui Professorsi will be creating a world first to celebrate Four Winds.

A pecan cinnamon gelato with blackberry sauce, and of course the name is Passion for Four Winds. Professor Alberto explained, “Traditional Italian Easter treats are sweet focaccias crusted with spiced nuts. We are not in the focaccia business, but we figured we can take this theme into gelato. Cinnamon is the preferred spice for nuts for good reason, as it compliments, it sophisticates, it just tastes great! We've made the blackberry sauce from fruit given to us by a client.”

Wow, Paolo Pandolfo, viola da gamba, and gelato. Heaven!

Now while on the food motif two important notes. Firstly, how about a special Four Winds Easter bun to go with your Gelato. Hey, forget weight watchers for this weekend of indulgence. The Cream Patisserie (Bermagui's renowned café) is creating just such a bun.

If you want a list of all the wonderful places to eat and drink in Bermagui, just go to the Four Winds web site for a listing:

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…and Food and Wine This Year

karin Schaupp

Rosemary Millard and Stuart Absalom, the wonderful duo who are organizing Food and Wine for this year's Festival sent along this note:

With only a few weeks to go, there is a sense of anticipation about the pleasures that await us all at this year's Four Winds. As we all know Four Winds is a feast of music and art but equally important we want you to experience some of the culinary pleasures of this special region. We have worked hard with local foodies to provide a range of food and wine options which are fairly simple, use local produce where possible and fit in with feel of Four Winds and the area.

One big change in 2010 is the option to pre-order lunch boxes and there is a range available. We urge you to get your orders in before the cut off date of 24th March, especially as there are 10 lucky lunch boxes with a special prize. An important consideration in deciding to provide this option was making the supply and collection of lunches easier for our patrons. As well as lunch boxes there will be a range of ready to go food and the usual enticing cakes and biscuits.

In the past there have been many frustrations with food and drink vouchers both for you as patrons and for us in managing this system. So no more vouchers — instead we have looked carefully at how the food and drinks marquee is set up. It is not possible to eliminate some queues and waiting time, however, we hope we have worked out a way that streamlines buying food and drinks. We look forward to your feedback on this.

This time we will also have best quality percolated coffee, available all day on Saturday and Sunday and served to you by our friendly team of volunteers. So no more long waits for that much needed coffee…

Our feast under the stars on Saturday evening will be a more social and informal gathering where the real culinary delights of the area will feature. Look forward to some pleasant surprises. Tickets are limited so if you haven't booked already do so quickly. And do remember to bring some warm clothes particularly as the feast will flow on from the daytime program.

The Four Winds website has lots of information and this year we have included a list of cafes and restaurants in Bermagui along with their contact details, operating hours and the types of food available.

Do get your lunch box order in by 24th March. Just click:

— Bon appétit. Rosemary Millard and Stuart Absalom.

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Lots of Et Cetera, Et Cetera

We have had rain, rain and more rain- enough just for the moment, thank you . More than 22 inches fell in just two days a week apart. It certainly ended the drought. If you want to hear what it sounded like look at the Rain Choir - Perpetuum Jazzile , an a cappella jazz choir from Slovenia.


Here is a free plug for the National Gallery in Canberra. The Masterpieces from Paris exhibition is outstanding. Well I was blown away by rediscovering Pissarro and emotionally exhausted half way through the exhibit. So it was with great relief that I went into the children's (well they call it family) activities room for a rest and a chance to do some finger painting.

Imagine my surprise to find a Four Winds link even at the NGA. The Family Activities Room was sponsored by the Yugilbar Foundation. Now the Yugilbar property, up Grafton way, is a wondrous property with its own castle and superb Santa Gertrudis cattle.

Yugilbar Castle

The history of the property is fascinating, including the fact that Lady Jesse Street grew up there in the days prior to the current owners. Lady Street was dubbed a “Communist” by the popular press for her liberal views and tolerance towards the Soviet Union during the cold war. She was a strong advocate of both Aboriginal and Women's rights. In fact she is credited with being the initiator of the amendment to the Australian Constitution that led to the successful “aboriginal” referendum in 1967. Both her husband and her son, Sir Laurence, served as Chief Justice of NSW. What a family!

So what is the link between Yugilbar, Santa cattle and Four Winds? The current owners of Yugilbar are Sarah and Baillieu Myer, who also own Elgee Park Wines. Elgee Park, the oldest vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula, was started by Bails Myer in 1970, and even today Bails is said to be a very hands on owner often out amongst the vines with secateurs in hand.

This boutique winery has long been a supporter of Four Winds regularly donating fine wines for the Feast. You also will be able to buy a bottle for your lunch. Read more about Elgee Park here:


Just to show that I am not the old, irascible, technological duffer that my children claim, I am proud to announce that Four Winds has a presence on Flickr- whatever that is. It is an open site, and one presumes that if I could only work out how to use my Blackberry-iPhone, I too would be able to do something with Flickr. (Like teach them how to spell.) Go to

[Please note that Four Winds also has pages on Facebook and Twitter.  
   — Flying Monkey (the Four Winds web guy)]


We're also pleased to announce that Andrea Keller, who's writing a world premiere for Four Winds (Sat 3), has been awarded a hugely prestigious Australia Council Fellowship for 2010. Congratulations to Andrea! The Four Winds work will be the first from her New Year opus.


At Four Winds we continually try to repair the damage done to our reputation by our inept car parking team. So this year we are going to trial a system to help you cart your picnic box/ low backed chairs, etc. from the car park to the amphitheatre.

You may see a quad bike pulling a trailer. If you do, hail the operator and load your gear into the trailer, and it will be delivered to top of the steps at the amphitheatre. Please be careful when you retrieve your picnic even though you may sense that someone else's would taste better.

peter sculthorpe

Now for the secret that I am not allowed to tell you. Although it is not in our program, there is going to be an unannounced World Premier on Saturday. I cannot go into all the details, but Peter Sculthorpe told us that it was written with great love to honour ……. Well you will just have to be there to find out. However, I can tell you that it will involve the Flinders Quartet and a certain Pippi Longstocking type person playing a recorder.

I can tell you that ABC FM, who are recording the Festival to feature nation-wide later in the year, are quite excited by this special late inclusion.


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