Sound Shell 2012 — Donors

The Four Winds wishes to acknowledge and honour those who generously made donations in support of the Sound Shell fund-raising campaign.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list; however, if any error has occurred, please accept our sincere apologies. If you contact the Four Winds office we will be happy to make any correction needed.

As part of the Stage Two building, donors of $1000 & over were also formally recognised at the site during the 2012 Festival weekend.

Go to the Sound Shell Progress page to see some great images of the construction process.

Mary Rose Morgan
Frankie Airey & Steve Solly
Judith Ajani
Harold Amos
Betty Amsden OAM
Ms Joanna Baevski
Katharine Baillieu
Mike & Mairi Barr
Steve Barr
Geoffrey R Bartlett
Tim Bass
The Bate family
Caroline Baum
In honour of Rob Benson, music lover
Bermagui Pharmacy
The Boughen family
Barbara Beasley
Dianne Beaumont
John & Elizabeth Bennett
Marc &Eva Besen
Carolyn &Mark Bethwaite
John A Black
Margaret Blakers
Adrienne Brennan
B.F. Broder
Mrs M Brown
Bill Caldicott & Sheena Boughen
Debbie Cameron
Jean Cameron
Stuart Cameron
Ann Campbell
Sir Roderick Carnegie
N.R. Carson
Marguerite Castello
Marilyn Chalkley
Ms Janet Chapman
Robyn Charlwood
Anna Chuda
Sally Clark
Mrs A Clezy
Carol Cockburn & Don Dornan
Diane Colman
Robert P Connolly
Philip & Mary Constable
Jon & Tanya Crothers
Lady Currie
Michael Darling & Manuela Darling-Gansser
Mrs Margaret Darling
Sarah Davison
In Memory of Malcolm Dawe
Dr Moreen Dee
Carolyna Demoulias
Derek Denton
John Denton
Elizabeth Duffield
Steve and Sue Dyer
Lord &Lady Ebury
Ecoservices Pty Ltd
Casey Ellingworth
Giles Ellingworth
Margaret Elliott
Anna Epstein
Helen Fairhall
Philip & Carol Flood
Four Winds Foundation
Christopher Game
Carrillo & Ziyin Gantner
Neilma Gantner
Jamie Gatehouse
Margaret Geddes
Cary & Rob Gillespie
Peter Gray
Wendy Gray
Green Gables B&B
Sheila Hall
Nigel and Sian Hall and family
Lady Hamer
Mr & Mrs J A Hancock
B & R Harrop
Lindy Hayward
Lynne Davis & Patrick Healy
Lynne Henderson
Peter Hillard
Eve Holly
Mrs Val Holly
Les Howard
Lindy Hume
Dr Caroline Ifeka
Donald Ingrouille
Margaret & Peter Janssens
Mrs Fang Jufan
R & E Johnson
Judy Kelly
Rosslyn Kemp
Carol Kenchington
Bill and Carolyn Killen
Roderick King
Robert Kirby
Annie Koch
Genevieve Lacey
Carol Ladd
Len La Flamme
Mary Lake
David Large
Diana & Rob Laurie
Bruce Leaver & .
Robyn Levey
Evelyn Levy
Doug Lyons
Ranald McCowan
Eve McGlashan
Judith McMichael
Ann Maloney
Anne Marett
John Marlton
Anne Marshall
John Marshall
Leigh & Sandra Masel
Wendy May
Mermaids of Bermagui
Tony & Rosemary Millard
Don Moffatt and Cecilia Ng
Brenda Montgomery
Elizabeth Moore
Mike Reynolds & Ainslie Morris
Louise Muir
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch AC DBE
Barbara Murray
Nita Murray-Smith
Andrew Myer
Martyn K Myer
Sidney Myer
The Myer Foundation
Colin Nancarrow
Prue Neidorf
Tim & Honor Northam
Faye Oakley
Helen O'Brien
James Oldham
John Downes & Robyn Ormiston
Suzanne Osmond
Keith & Connie Owen
Mrs Barry Patten
Nicolas Peterson
JD & CB Pittendrigh
Gary Potts and Frances Perkins
Anne Prichard
Kay Ratten
Catherine Reid
Malcolm Robertson
David Robson
Sam Roger
Edna Ross
Karen & Bob Rudd
Sarah Ryan
Nick Scicluna
Jacqueline Sevcik
Robin Sevenoaks
Diane M Shapcott
Karen Sheedy
Janice Shelmerdine
Kate Shelmerdine
Mrs Fay Simson
Graeme Sinclair
Christina Smith
Lady Southey
Robert Springall
Peter Storey
Alan & Marilyn Stretton
Roger & Anh-Thu Stuart
Natalya Tacheci
Robert Tacheci
Robert Tacheci R E Pty Ltd
Noel Tait
André Tammes
Althea Thomas
Genevieve Timmons
Alex Tseng
Jude Walker
Cliff Wallis & Sayaka Mihara
Pamela Warrender
Simon Warrender
Julia Weisz
Ann Wood
Dr Jenny Wray
Julie Young
The Yulgilbar Foundation


architect sketch of proposed Four Winds Soundshell
Philip Cox's sketch of the proposed Four Winds Soundshell


Funding Partners