Nature's Concert Hall - The Sound Shell

The Sound Shell was Stage 1 in the development of Nature’s Concert Hall. Designed by renowned Australian architect Philip Cox, the Sound Shell was completed in time for the 2012 Festival.

This structure greatly improved the visual and audio quality of the 2012 Festival and was given the tick of approval by the performers and audience!

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architect sketch of proposed Four Winds Soundshell

The full practical beauty of the Sound Shell in action at the 2012 Four Winds


From From Narooma News, 1st February, 2012

“WORLD renowned architect and Bermagui area resident Philip Cox stopped in at the Four Winds amphitheatre last week to see how his plans for the new sound shell are taking shape.

Mr Cox has again teamed up with the Far South Coast's Rankin Builders to construct the new stage structure at the bottom of the amphitheatre at the bushland venue at Barragga Bay south of Bermagui.

Together they were also responsible for the stunning Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf complex at the harbour.

The builders and architects again wanted to take advantage of the spectacular natural setting and to incorporate elements of the previous structure, such as the lily pad pond in front of the stage.

'We wanted to keep the history and not throw out the good bits,' Mr Cox said. 'The pond acts as a sound reflector and also lets light bounce back up onto the artists.'

He said compromising between wind and sun was the biggest challenge, working out the best sun angles and gaps to give an intimate enclosed space while still allowing enough of a gap to have films projected down.

Builder Don Hassan said it was a pleasure working on something that was not the ordinary commercial building, describing the structure as an artwork in its own right.”


An exciting future for Four WindsGenevieve Lacey

genevieve lacey

“The Four Winds has seen some stunning performances from Gregorian chant to contemporary jazz, harp to didgeridoo, world premieres and familiar classics. Wouldn't it be wonderful, though, if we could also include dance, performance artists and installation pieces?”

“The new sound shell will open up the amphitheatre to an even more diverse range of brilliant artists and art forms. It will be a place of possibility and discovery.”

“As Artistic Director, imagining such richness is incredibly exciting. It's my dearest wish that this new sound shell become a home and site of inspiration for musicians around the country.”


Enhancing your experience

Imagine the end of a perfect day at the Four Winds, just as the sun is dipping behind the trees. The extraordinary beauty of 'nature's own concert hall' melding with the joyous music and vibrant performances has been stirring, uplifting and breathtaking.

soundshell impression in colour

In 2012 we aim to take the festival to new heights of excellence. Our 20th year will see the launch of a new, purpose-built stage designed to optimise sound quality and greatly enhance the experience for our audience and our musicians.

Internationally renowned architect Philip Cox has conceived a state of the art, contemporary Sound Shell to replace the temporary stage. The sound shell will not only improve sound quality but also visually complement its idyllic setting.

Enabling a much broader range of performances to take place, the Four Winds Sound Shell will be available to the community for year-round use.

Supporter and MC of Four Winds, Carrillo Gantner said: “In the future we see Four Winds becoming a cultural hub: a new purpose-built stage designed to optimise sound quality and greatly enhance the experience for our audience and our musicians, attracting talented performers for both the people of the region and its visitors to enjoy Bermagui.”


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