Grow &

Fundraising Campaign 2015

Thankyou! Our target was met & will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia.

New donations won't be matched, but it's not too late to help.

Grow & Flourish campaign results.

Four Winds is delighted to announce that our recent Grow & Flourish Campaign raised $102,945. We received donations totaling $54,945 ($6,945 over our target!) and $48,000 of that sum was match-funded by the arts-funding organisation, Creative Partnerships, Australia.

Four Winds is a small arts organisation in the low-income, geographically isolated fishing community of Bermagui. We have to pit ourselves, David and Goliath-style, against major charity organisations for every single dollar of funding; and, of course, rely on the generosity of our friends and supporters. And your generosity has been overwhelming and will allow us to realise three exciting new projects in the coming months.

During the Grow & Flourish campaign, distinguished friends of Four Winds lent their voices to speak up for projects that they feel passionate about, which will now get the green light as we have reached our target: the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program; the Nature’s Concert Hall site development; and brand new video conferencing facilities.

Your contribution will help us to make a real difference and we thank you for the part you have played in an exciting new chapter of the Four Winds success story.

Sian Morgan Hall
Director, Fundraising & Development, Four Winds

CLICK HERE to find out more about the National Teacher Mentorship Program
CLICK HERE to find out more about the development of the Four Winds Native Species Arboretum
CLICK HERE to find out more about live streamed event capabilities at the Four Winds site

We'd like to thank all our generous supporters.

We could not have done this without you:

  • Stuart Absalom & Philip Mawer
  • The Alfonzetti Family
  • Joanna Baevski
  • M Banfield & D Karonidis
  • Robyn Bedford
  • Andrew Boughen & Ruth Papuga
  • Peter Boughen
  • Michael Britten
  • Carole Broadhead
  • Peter Buggy
  • Jill Bunn
  • Terry Bunn
  • Maggie Burns
  • David and Meg Butler
  • Castello
  • Anna Cerneaz
  • Fay Chester
  • Finnley Sunlight & Billy Moonlight
  • Michael & Manuela Darling
  • Manuela Darling-Gansser
  • Di Dibley
  • Pamela Dimond
  • Jeff Donovan
  • Bob Elmers
  • Philip & Carole Flood
  • Four Winds Foundation
  • Andrew and Amanda Fraser
  • Michelle Garnaut
  • Robert & Cary Gillespie
  • Sheila Hall
  • Sian Morgan Hall & Nigel Hall
  • The Hansen's
  • Mr & Mrs R Harrop
  • Di Haskell & Ken Robinson
  • Katrina Heding
  • Eve Holly
  • Helen & Malcolm Holmes
  • Elspeth Humphries
  • David & Mieke James
  • Maggie & Ian Jones
  • Tim Kain
  • Monica & Kurt
  • Joan Keating
  • Heather Kenway
  • Ivy Hill Gallery
  • Carol Ladd
  • Leslie Loble
  • Marshall & Tacheci Real Estate
  • Lynette Mayne
  • The Ake Ake Fund
  • Tony Minchin
  • The Pineapple House
  • Catherine Murphy
  • Mayumi & Ross Murphy
  • Alison Nadebaum
  • Kate Jorgenson & Lynda Napier
  • Yana Nekula & Roberto Violanti
  • Helen O'Brien
  • Robert & Merry Pearson
  • Timothy Pilgrim
  • Gary Potts & Frances Perkins
  • Geoff Steel & Christine Poulton
  • Edna Ross
  • Margaret & Roger Rowe
  • Roland & Susan Scollay
  • Robin Sevenoaks
  • Graeme Sinclair
  • Brooke Small
  • James Steele & Patricia Kelly
  • Diana Stewart & Gus Waddell
  • Robert Tacheci
  • André Tammes
  • Lelde Vitols
  • Mr Lindsay Willoughby
  • In Memory of Edwin D Alcott
  • In Memory of Christina Urquhart Boughen
  • In Memory of David Boughen
  • In Memory of Estelle Brown
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Clarke
  • In Memory of John Crew
  • In Memory of John Kevin Hibberd
  • In Memory of Terry Irwin
  • In Memory of Noel Kenway
  • In Honour of Elaine McVeity
  • In Honour of Gabu Ted Thomas
  • In Memory of Pat Thompson
  • In Memory of Geoffrey Tozer
  • 12 Anonymous