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Fundraising Campaign 2015

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Grow & Flourish: Videoconferencing equipment for live streaming

Let’s open up educational and cultural opportunities across the world, with videoconferencing.


The installation of new videoconference equipment at Four Winds will make a significant difference, allowing them to both receive and broadcast content, forging exciting new connections with local and global networks of educators and artists.

How do I know? Because, it’s exactly what we’ve done at Sydney Opera House, offering interactive lessons, tours and performances via videoconference, in real time. I’ve seen the benefits at the Opera House and would dearly love to see the same facilities, using the big screen, in the Windsong Pavilion.

To equip the Windsong Pavilion with videoconference equipment they need to raise $10,000.

video infographic

If they’re able to raise the money, Four Winds can immediately invite 160 local primary school students to an extra-special Opera House performance of the Tale of Samulnori, in the unique Windsong Pavilion. Exciting stuff!

Thank you for your generous support, for this unique project.

Bridgette Van Leuven
Head of Learning at Sydney Opera House