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Grow & Flourish: National Music Teacher Mentoring Program

Penny Quartet, ANAM Artists in Residence, perform in the
local library for the local pre-school children.

The value of an early education in music is now recognised worldwide. The scientific data is clear; children who have good early education in music thrive at every level. In short, music education makes a profound difference in the lives of children and the benefits are life-long.

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The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program has a very specific goal … to make high-quality music mentoring available to generalist classroom teachers across Australia with the aim of providing quality music education, not just for the few, but for every primary school child in Australia.

The cost of funding our mentoring initiative is $13,500 annually. And, it can only happen with your help.

If Four Winds reaches their target, they’ll be starting with primary schools in the local area, making a difference to over 100 local primary students this year alone, and benefitting many more students in the future. And this program will have all the more impact in this low-income area where schools welcome many indigenous and disadvantaged students.

This is the perfect opportunity for the Four Winds community to affect the lives of ordinary Australian children in the way we know best, through music.

A huge thank you from me. And from every child who will benefit from this extraordinary scheme.

Richard Gill OAM
Music Educator