Grow &

Fundraising Campaign 2015

Thankyou! Our target was met & will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia.

New donations won't be matched, but it's not too late to help.

Grow & Flourish: Final Call

The Four Winds Grow & Flourish Fundraising Campaign is now in its final phase.

I'm excited to announce that with your help, we have raised a total of $41,705, which is fantastic news! It means we now only have to raise $6,295 to qualify for the full $48,000 match-funded grant from Creative Partnerships, Australia.

Over the past two months, distinguished friends and members of our team have lent their voices to speak up for projects that they feel passionate about, which will get the green light if we reach our target: the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program; the Natures' Concert Hall site development; and brand new video conferencing facilities.

Four Winds is a small arts organisation in the low-income geographically isolated, fishing community of Bermagui. We have to pit ourselves, David and Goliath-style, against major charity organisations for every single dollar of funding; and, of course, rely on the generosity of our friends and supporters.

I know that many of you already give regularly and generously to Four Winds, but this is such a unique opportunity for us to raise much needed funds and as time is short (only a few more days!) we hope you will understand this additional request for support - and if you know anyone who would consider supporting these worthwhile prohects then please do forward this information to them (just use the link below).

This is our final rallying call, for you to make a real difference in a very exciting year at Four Winds. Remember, every dollar you donate will be matched by the grant, so doubling its impact; and will allow us to start work straight away. (It's also worth remembering that the tax year is coming to a close, so it could be the perfect time to make a donation.)

Our deadline for the grant is 29th May, which is just days away. So please consider donating today.

Sheena Boughen
Chair, Four Winds