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Omar Faruk

omar faruk

“The music of Omar and the ensemble unites far-flung traditions with its melodic symbolism, fusion of styles and collection of instruments, providing lasting inspiration long after the performers have left the stage.” LA Yoga Ayurveda & Health 2006.

Turkish by birth, Omar Faruk Teklibec is one of the world's most inspiring exponents of Middle Eastern music. A multi-instrumentalist par excellence, he has collaborated with a number of leading musicians of international repute. The instruments he has mastered include the ney (bamboo flute), zurna (double-reed oboe like instrument with buzzing tone), the baglama (long-necked lute), the oud (the classic lute), as well as percussion. Omar Faruk Teblibec has proven himself a master of fusing world music throughout his 40 years of global performance styles, building on his facility with traditional Turkish instruments and sounds and combining the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East region and other influences such as Caribbran, flamenco and Celtic melodies.

'Omar refers to his musical vision as “The Four Corners.” One is for Folklore which is the traditional music; one corner for Romantic with songs of love; one corner I call Imagination Corner which is free style and one Mystical Corner for praying to God and thanking Him. He feels that music should not only touch people in the present, but also put them in connection with another time. “I believe that when people hear a family of traditional melody, it puts them in touch with their past.”

'Faruk's commitment to music isn't about a need for personal glory. To the contrary, the overwhelming sense one gets in speaking to this gentle soul is that he is motivated by a steadfast yearning to give something of himself that will reach out and help people see what a beautiful, awesome and joyous mystery life is.'

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