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Artist Biography

Damian Barbeler

Damian Barbeler

Damian Barbeler's award-winning compositions have been performed and broadcast around the world, sung and played by leading Australian and international soloists and ensembles. He is widely recognised for his highly idiosyncratic compositional style and especially his lush, emotional sound worlds inspired by textures and patterns from nature. He is an enthusiastic collaborator often working with creative types from diverse fields like architecture, software design, media arts, dance and more.

A distinctive part of Damian's expertise has been his ability to inspire musicians including amateur and young musicians to excel in professional settings. His wide-ranging career has taken him to a diverse range of places from famous concert halls to biscuit factories, boardrooms and far-flung parts of regional Australia. Acting out the precept that an artist should also teach, Damian is just as happy in the exquisite, rarefied atmosphere of art music, as he is in the invigorating world of beginners, students and music-loving amateurs.

It's a thrilling opportunity for me to compose a work for Four Winds and especially to compose a work while Living on Cliff and Sayaka's property in Wallagoot. It's a stunning landscape and a rich palette for musical inspiration. — DB October 2011.

22nd February, 2012
Bill Brown has made a beautiful short film through the ABC about Damian's new work
that Four Winds has commissioned for their 2012 festival:

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