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Andrea Keller Quartet (Andrea Keller, Eugene Ball, Ian Whitehurst, Joe Talia)

Andrea Keller Quartet

The Andrea Keller Quartet emerged in 2003 from what was once The Andrea Keller Quintet (formed in 1999). When their bassist relocated to New York, rather than throwing a new sound/personality into the mix they became a bass-less ensemble.

The quartet has performed at major Australian jazz festivals, and in 2007 at the Moers Festival (Germany) and the Copenhagen Jazzhouse (Denmark). In 2009 the quartet embarked on their first national Australian tour. Collaborating with special guests Stephen Magnusson, Phil Slater, Miroslav Bukovsky, John Rodgers and Jamie Oehlers, the AKQ presented new works to feature these iconic creative improvisers.

The quartet's focus is on performing original contemporary improvised music which challenges the traditional role-play of instruments in a jazz context. The bass-less line up of trumpet, tenor saxophone, piano and drums is not so common in contemporary jazz. This coupling of instruments has been a leading force in developing a chamber music-like approach to the improvisations and compositions performed by the group. Although the ensemble's repertoire and personnel are heavily influenced by and stem from the jazz tradition, each member also brings a wide array of experience from other genres, ranging from contemporary western art music through to electronica, all merging to create a strongly identifiable and unique sound.

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