Inspiring is the perfect name for the Four Winds schools music program that has united the Sydney Children's Choir with local schoolchildren in a concert that was memorable and moving for everyone. Watch a clip below.

One of Australia's most promising young artists Dan Walker was asked to compose a piece for the performance, Singing Stones, which was evocative of local landmarks, hopes and dreams. Four Winds also featured this piece in the 2012 Festival opening community event A Song About Fish where the Gondwana Chorale joined with local singers from Bermagui and Bega community choirs, directed and conducted (in order) by Dan Walker, Dan Scollay and Geoffrey Badger.

Inspiring has also led to a trip to Sydney University for three local music teachers to observe the Gondwana Choirs at the National Choral School earlier this year. Bega's Heartsong choir master, Geoffrey Badger was one of the three and he came back from this event truly inspired to re-form the Bega Valley Children's Choir. He says, “Children's choirs empower children and give them a voice they might otherwise lack in our culture.”

In 2009, the Four Winds put on its inaugural Inspiring event. A collaboration between the Artistic Director of the time, Genevieve Lacey, local percussionist David Hewitt, students from schools in Bega, Bermagui, Wolumla, Narooma and the Sydney Methodist Ladies College (renowned for its music program). There was a focus on percussion and tuned percussion.

Inspiring concert at the bermagui community centreInspiring 2009 concert in the Bermagui Community Centre


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