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“Bermi Talks” Database

This project is a development of the Four Winds Bermagui Sounds project. Local volunteers recorded sounds from around Bermagui and the surrounding district, choosing whatever they saw as important in capturing their audio environment. So there is a rich range of sounds from rain, thunder and surf to birds, frogs and other fauna to oral history and local activities, and a logging protest.

The sounds are presented as recorded, or with only very slight editing. They are available here in mp3 format for listening over the internet, but the original recordings are available by contacting the Four Winds office. You can find contact details on the contact page of this website.

The recordings were made by David Adams, Graeme Gerrard, David Harris, Judi & Bob Hearn, Jacqui Howarth, Lindy Marshall, Fergus McWhirter, Simon Milman, Lyn Moore, Laurelle Pacey, Dan Scollay, Harriet Swift, Natalya Tacheci and Robert Tacheci.

The archive was curated by Graeme Gerrard.

Four Winds commissioned Graeme Gerrard to create a work using these recordings, called Three Intimate Moments on the Sapphire Coast. You can listen to a low quality (mp3) version of the work here, or download a CD quality version of it here (right click/control+click).

“This piece is made from recordings of natural sounds made along the area known as the Sapphire Coast in south-eastern NSW, roughly from Bermagui to Eden, from October 2011 to March 2012. The piece was commissioned by the Four Winds and some of the recordings used (by permission) were made for the Bermagui Sounds project, a collection of local sounds recorded by members from the local community.

The remaining sounds are original recordings I made during walks in the area. Some of the sounds are processed, others are synthetic variants of the original recordings.

The piece is in 3 sections, each of which is a personal view or response to the sounds I hear almost every day, arranged in specific combinations. Part 1 is 3 minutes in duration, Part 2 runs for 2 minutes and Part 3 goes for 1 minute.”

— Graeme Gerrard (March 2012)

To listen, click on the name of a sound sample. There may be a short pause before the audio starts.

You can narrow the list of recordings displayed by typing a subject or name and clicking Search. A blank search returns a list of all the recordings. Click on a column title to sort the list by that column.