Four Winds Venue

Nature's Concert Hall

4 winds amphitheatre

The open-air amphitheatre of Nature's Concert Hall has grassed tiers gently dropping down to the stage and Sound Shell.

The event is relaxed, picnic-style. The acoustics are good, and to preserve clear sightlines to the stage we ask patrons to bring rugs and cushions or low, beach-style seats. We ask that those with taller, director-style chairs sit at the sides of the amphitheatre.

We ask patrons to observe the usual concert courtesies of not moving in and out of their places while musicians are playing.

The festival venue was upgraded in 2012 with the addition of the permanent Sound Shell designed by Philip Cox and in 2014 will be further enhanced by the new Pavilion, purpose designed by Clinton Murray.


Food and wine

4 winds patrons having lunch

Many patrons bring picnic lunches to Four Winds; however the festival also provides the opportunity for you to sample good wines and local foods from our Food Tents. Barrista-made coffee has been available since the 2012 festival.



Child care

children painting

Unique among music festivals, Four Winds has qualified carers for young children. Please indicate the number and ages of children requiring care on the booking form.



Toilet facilities, and easy access to a dedicated area close to the stage, are available for people in wheelchairs.



Parking is available on site. There can be traffic delays on the narrow country road to the site. Please allow some time for these and to park and walk to the amphitheatre. A new road is planned as part of the next stage of development for Festival 2014.

The festival is held in a bush setting, with some uneven ground. Do ask the parking attendants to arrange help if you need it to get to the amphitheatre.



Please do not bring dogs or other pets: they are not allowed in the amphitheatre, and we do not have facilities for their care.


Easter weather

audience in the sun

Do remember hats and sunscreen. Usually we have been blessed with fine, mild weather, but Easter weather can be changeable, especially in the late afternoon, so bring clothing to suit and perhaps something for showers. Past audiences have elected to have the concerts continue in the event of light rain.

If heavy rain makes it impossible for the performances in the amphitheatre to continue, no refunds of tickets will be available. Obviously, the events in the Bermagui Community Centre Hall will not be affected.