Four Winds Board

Neilma Gantner Founder & Life Member
Sheena Boughen Chair
Moira Scollay Deputy Chair
Geoff Steel Treasurer
Robert Tacheci Secretary, Director of Visuals
Michael Darling Board Member
Sian Morgan-Hall Director, Fundraising & Development
David Claringbold

2016 Easter Festival

Paul Dean, Artistic Director
Yarmila Alfonzetti, Executive Producer

Previous Artistic Directors

Paul Kildea

Genevieve Lacey

Christopher Latham

Carrillo Gantner
Rodney Hall
Michael Brimer

Four Winds Staff

Liena Lacey, Creative Producer
Lara Crew, Community Engagement Carol Hellmers, Office Manager
Sylvia Triffit, Book Keeper
Katrina Heding, Database Manager
Russell Stewart, Site Manager
Marg Hansen, Exec Assist/Media

Festival Patrons

Sir William Deane - Patron-in-Chief
Louise Cox
Philip Cox
Lady Grounds
Daryl and Kaye Jackson
Jonathan Mills
Mirka Mora
Carl Vine
Gough Whitlam

Board Members

Robert Tacheci | Secretary

image of Robert Tacheci

Ask local real estate agency proprietor Robert Tacheci what he feels he brings to his role on the Board of Four Winds and he answers without hesitation: 'to ensure that as a board we always remain focused on protecting the essential quality and inspiration of the Four Winds spirit'.

'It is this particular Four Winds “way” that underpins everything we have done in the past, and, I trust, everything we will do in the future. When we come from this spirit first, we open up great freedom to do many new things, that are at once, more creative and more connected. With ever increasing community involvement, the exquisite new soundshell, and the new pavilion project well underway, we are now being guided by that principle more than ever.

'As a board, it was a pivotal moment some years ago when we realised, and consciously accepted, that custodianship of that spirit was a very real and creative responsibility in it’s own right, and that it lay with the board.’ ‘The Artistic Director then has full freedom to produce something from their own inspiration that is contextually relevant and potent within those guiding principles. I therefore find it an extraordinary privilege to have served with this board since 1998, through various stages of evolution, and to find we are now on the brink of such extraordinary new opportunities.’

A key real estate agent in the area, in the late nineteen eighties Robert took on what was one of the first L J Hooker franchises on the Sapphire Coast. By the mid nineties Robert was frequently in the top half dozen most successful agents in their NSW network in terms of sales. Dropping the franchise in 2001 Robert returned to running the business under his family name. Today, Marshall and Tacheci has an international clientele thanks to the reach of technology. ‘It’s great that the diversity of our demographic remains intact: the community has preserved its character despite waves of gentrification. And we are seeing an increasing number of people make Bermagui their home as these days they can do much of their business online from here.’

Settling in Bermagui in 1979, Robert has seen the appreciation for its natural beauty and its laid back lifestyle increase. He has now broadened his professional eye for location, location, location to include a passion for landscape photography, and was also Four Winds’ voluntary, official photographer for many years. ‘Visuals play an important part in our ability to tell the story of this place, the festival, and what draws people here.’